FIA Swift Cup Europe


The Cup has brought up a lot of – effective in international series – racers in the last 10 yearsOur ex-drivers brought up in our Cup and racing in the famous international series at the moment:

2006. Norbert Michelisz

(from 2008 WTCC – 2012. Yokohama Trophy World Champion, from 2016 official Honda driver, 2019 FIA WTCR Champion, 2023 TCR World Tour Champion)

2009. Norbert Kiss

(Seat Eurocup racer, from 2012 European Truck Race top driver, FIA European Truck Race Champion)

2010. jr. Ferenc Ficza

(2012-2013 ETCC driver, the youngest driver in the FIA WTCC-ben)

2011. / 2020. / 2021. Gábor Tim

(2012. ETCC driver, 2016 Skoda Octavia Cup Champion, Rally Champion)

Attila Tassi (2016-2017 TCR, 2018 WTCR, 2019-2021 WTCR Honda driver)

Dániel Nagy

(2015 TCR, 2016 – 2017 WTCC, 2018 WTCR, 2019 WTCR Hyundai driver)

Benedek Major

(the world’s youngest truck driver with 4 race win, the most successful beginner driver ever in the FIA Truck Race European Championship)

2014. Bence Balogh

(2015-2016, Mini Challenge UK, Lotus Cup Europe Champion)

2017. Bendegúz Molnár

(2019. Bandit Series Truck Race, USA, NLS Category Champion)

Ádám Lengyel

(NLS Category Champion)

The Swift Cup Europe Series has started in 2006 under the name of Suzuki Swift Kupa for ensuring the new generation for domestic automotor sport.

The rights for the organising and directing of the Series was taken over by the GFS Racing and the promoter Egon Burkus in 2009.

From that time under the new rules there was possible to compete with this Suzuki Cup car from 12 years old instead of 14.

There are a lot of new Circuits in the Suzuki Cup Calendar and the interest about the Cup keep growing.

The Suzuki Cup is a regular participant in the WTCC, GT1, ADAC Masters championship races, and from 2013 the Cup is the official support race for the European Truck Race.


Then in 2014 the Series arrived for its most important milestone: become an FIA registered Series under the name of Swift Cup Europe. In that time every driver participated in the Series was rated together in FIA and separately in the Hungarian and Austrian championship too.

Thanks for the closer cooperation, with the help of the Magyar Suzuki Zrt got the discounted price Swift 1.6 Sport cars. Later from these cars was built the new-age racing cars with the latest technical solution. They were worthy of success for the last generation Swift 1.3.

For the very first time the series was a guest of the Truck Fest returning to Hungary after 25 years, with more than 40,000 fans being one of the most important sports events in the country.

At the biggest weekend of the series 36 cars were on the starting grid in Hungaroring.

The series went to other European Circuits. The race weekend at Adria International Raceway was a success for the Italians. Thanks for our Italian driver the mediastar, Jimmy Ghione and Suzuki Italia several Italian car magazines wrote about the cup.

The next station of the series was Autodromo Brno in the Czech Republic.

The Cup is becoming a real international Series. We have lot of racers from Poland, Czeh Republic, Slovenia and Germany.

The Series are going to Poznan for its first Polish race weekend debuting the new Swift Sport 1.4 Turbo.

Despite the pandemic crisis, the field will run a full-fledged championship in 2020 and the number of pilots to start will increase in 2021.

2022 – 2023

Despite the increasingly challenging economic situation, the cup remains
one of Central Europe’s strongest championships. In addition to the new
1.4 turbo cars, the more affordable 1.6 versions are still available,
allowing drivers to compete in a separate category, starting as young as
12 years old.

In 2023, the Swift Cup Europe visited the new Hungarian racing track, the Balaton Park Circuit, for the first time.

Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4

TurboEngine: Suzuki K 14 C, Inline–4

Displacement: 1373 CC

Horsepower: 170 @ 4200 Rpm

Torque: 300 Nm @ 3000 Rpm

Transmission: 6 Speed// Manual

Configuration: FWD

Weight: 930 kg

Max. speed: 220 km/h